Leo + Python: the ultimate scripting tool: Conclusion

Brad Clements bkc at Murkworks.com
Thu Nov 20 18:10:24 CET 2003

"Terry Reedy" <tjreedy at udel.edu> wrote in message
news:vvCdnWylDZ8CeyaiRVn-hQ at comcast.com...

> The above is a paraphrase designed to expose the essence of what I see
> as an oddity.  The key words 'acceptable' 'reason' are direct quotes
> from the original message, which I quoted in full in my original
> message (Nov 9, when I very briefly stated my objection reason).  Here
> is the response message again..
> ---"""
> You recently sent a message to me at the email address
> edreamleo at charter.net. To help cope with the ever increasing volume of
> junk e-mail, I am using ChoiceMail, a permission-based e-mail
> filtering tool. Your original e-mail is being held by ChoiceMail until
> you complete the following simple one-time process.
> Please click on the link
> [Click here to request approval]
> When your browser opens, fill in your name and a short reason for
> wanting to send e-mail to me. If your reason is acceptable, your first
> email and all subsequent e-mails from you will be delivered to me
> normally.
> """---

Ah, how interesting I hardly noticed the "if your reason is acceptable".

Hmm, I'd consider this more of a failing of the english language. I didn't
take it literally to mean "if I deign to speak to you on this subject" but
rather to mean "if you're not sending me spam".

> We may, of course, disagree on the importance of these even if we
> agree that they are accurate.

Yes, I think it's a matter of degree.  Well, I understand what you're saying

I guess I didn't read that much into his 'reason is acceptable'. I do think
the web response is a pita compared to email, but I wanted a response bad
enough to do it. I can't say the same would be true for everyone else.

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