Need some advice

Jay nomail_nospam at
Sun Nov 30 03:04:59 CET 2003

One lesson that I remember from an old college prof:  Often it is better 
to have something that works and isn't 100% correct than a program that 
does nothing 100% correctly.

Of course, you stated that you goal is to learn Python, so a working 
program is only a side effect.

I'd get all the info and do it right....

Jay Bird

Jeff Wagner wrote:
> I am in the process of learning Python (obsessively so). I've been through a few tutorials and read
> a Python book that was lent to me. I am now trying to put what I've learned to use by rewriting that
> Numerology program I wrote years ago in VB.
> There are times I am totally stuck (for instance, I just had an idea to put the numerical values of
> the alphabet and months of the year in a dictionary located in a function. Then, I can import the
> dictionary I need from that function ... well, I'm getting import errors).
> So the question is this ... when I get stuck like this and seem to be banging into walls with
> everything I try, is it better to continue trying different things or stop, take a break and go back
> to reading a tutorial or a Python book? Or is it better that after I've tried everything I can think
> of, I just post the question here, get the answer and move forward?
> Thanks, Jeff

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