John J. Lee jjlee at
Fri Nov 21 20:14:12 CET 2003


I have problems when I get the IDispatch with pythoncom.connect().
When I called the 'Excel.Application' with it, it worked. (At least I can
see the pythoncom.connect() is working for the well-designed COM like
When I called my COM module which was derived from IDispatch interface,
the pythoncom.connect() issued error like
    com_error: (-2147221021, 'Operation unavailable', None, None).

Was my COM module badly desinged?  This COM worked well with VB.
Is there anybody who solved this kind of problems?

I alse tried using the gencache.EnsureModule() after I generate a static COM
file with makepy.
In this way, I got the member function not available errors.

Thank you.

- john

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