newbe questions

Daniel Schüle for_usenet2000 at
Sat Nov 1 21:48:54 CET 2003


> your __init__ method lacks a second underscore. BTW: Why do you use inner
> classes at all? The make sense in e.g. java, because they can overcome
> limitations in java itself. The only thing I ever used them in c++ was to
> create a sort of namespace, which is also not neccessary because of
> modules. What are your reasons for using them?

thank you for your quick answear

i dont really need them, i was just playing with python
and possibilities of this language

in C++ i use them to emphasis the logical relationsship of some classes to
each other
for example
class list{/**/class node {/**/} };
class tree{/**/class node {/**/} };
or for the iterator implementation


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