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Eric Williams s-rube at
Wed Nov 12 19:59:43 CET 2003

John Bradbury wrote:

> Is there any way to take the output produced by Qt designer (or any other
> GUI designer) and use it in Python to create a screen?  There must be a
> better way of creating screens than having to use the TkInter routnes and
> add every widget one by one in the program.
> John Bradbury

You need PyQt and/or PyKDE.

You can use pyuic DialogWhatever.ui > to convert the
QtDesigner *.ui file to a python file.

Then you can import it into a PyQt app and use it like any other python Qt

One warning, however: It's not as easily portable as Tkinter. On windows,
especially, it's pretty much only usable if you've bought the full Qt
Commercial verson. The free version of Qt/Win only goes up to version 2.3.

Boa-constructor is alpha still, but usable to make wxPython apps in a RAD

PythonCard was another alternative, but I'm not sure if it's still being

Hope that helps!


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