ANN: vb2py online code conversion

Will Stuyvesant hwlgw at
Fri Nov 7 22:00:01 CET 2003

Paul Paterson managed to use a modern Python version for CGI, on
sourceforge.  Since sourceforge is about the only free hosting for
Python CGI (if you get a project registered there) I would think it is
in the interest of Python to have a better way than this!  Because, if
people can not serve their CGI script, or only with much difficulty,
then they will maybe give up on Python.  We could lose good people
that way.  Don't just blindly send them to "twisted".  Not everybody
has a free or cheap permanent internet connection.  Not everybody
wants to check forever if their webapplication is still running.  CGI
is the way to go for many.

Could one of the Python-Unix-Solaris-CGI gurus please improve the
situation on sourceforge?  I tried but I can't.  Something like
"everybody on sourceforge can use #!../../blah/lib/python" would do

Paul: congratulations on getting things to must have been
very determined; I would not have that much patience (gave up on
*compiling* Python there after all the weird errors %-).

> [Paul Paterson]
> <About serving CGI on sourceforge>
> The Shell is now at 2.2 but cgi is still using 1.5.2, which was rather 
> puzzling for a while as things appeared to be working but weren't.
> I had to install my own copy of Python....
> ...<tricks to make it work, copying executable (!) etc.> ...
> Now there has to be a better way than this but ...
> 7. Add the following lines to your script:
> import sys
> sys.path.append("path to your python folder")
> sys.path.append("path to your lib-dynload")
> sys.path.append("path to where your other 'site-packages' will live")
> Anyway, this worked for my application which uses library and 
> non-library packages.

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