ANN: pyfromc - Python from C++ and vice versa

Gerson Kurz gerson.kurz at
Sat Nov 1 16:00:22 CET 2003

Peter Hansen wrote:

>Gerson, why not browse

I find "licensing" example code, at best, ridiculous. And that's
basically all it is: it is an example, a starting point - it contains
only one method "test". Please. It took some work to figure out how to
exactly put the pieces together - but now that it works its almost
trivial. Licensing example code is anal-retentive, over-protective and
paranoid. There are way too many licenses attached to way too much
unlicenseworthy stuff, just for the sake of license fetishism, and, I
must say, "open source" has been not completely innocent in this
development. I don't care if you manage to *sell* an example code that
is freely available on the internet - if you do manage to sell it,
hell, you *deserve* the money. 

Some years ago I wrote a joke language, SMITH#

It is a joke, right, it is in my humor section. Well, I got contacted
by debian-legal and you can read the exchange here:
Debian actually has a list devoted to legal issues. I don't know about
you, but I find that perverted, for a distribution that prides itself
on its freedom.

Back in the 80s, when I started programming on the Atari & Amiga,
before the GPL became any public issue, we had three kinds of licenses
: None, Public Domain and Other. And, guess what, I "published"
software (say, in 1994 - be aware, I was kind of emotional back then - and have
never sued anybody since, nor been sued by anyone. Life is good!

So, relax.

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