Programming cellular phones using Python/Jython ?

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Nov 24 12:56:58 CET 2003

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> "Thomas Weholt" <2002 at> wrote in message
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> > Is it at all possible to use python to make apps on cellular/mobile
> > phones, using something like Jython etc. ?
> I just got a samsung sph-i700 phone with pocket pc 2002 and it runs python
> 2.2+ apps with win32 gui just fine.  I got the binaries for it from:

I suppose the question was really more concerned with making use of
the Java support that a lot of new mobile 'phones seem to have these
days. I can't imagine that a significant number of 'phones out in the
European market (and certainly in the Norwegian market) are running
some kind of Windows derivative, but many manufacturers are promoting
their Java application (eg. games) support.


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