Selling Python Software

Marijan Tadin mtadin66 at
Tue Nov 4 09:35:11 CET 2003

Well, I am by no means Python or programming expert, but I've been
reading posts to the same topic before.
I wonder why nobody mentioned Pyrex in this context:

As far as I've understood, in Pyrex module you can mix Python and
C-code, and Pyrex will translate this module in C-code (Python extension
module), and then all you have to do is compile this C-sorce file
(automaticaly created by Pyrex). You can also write pure Python code in
your Pyrex module, and Pyrex will translate this into a C-code. Then you
can use py2exe with this compiled extensions (otherwise generated *.exe
file is actually *.zip file with *.pyc files in it).
There might be a problem: AFAIK there are some restrictions, and you can
not use all the features of Python in Pyrex, but in that case, you may
put just some vital parts of your programm in Pyrex.
By doing so, you get the same protection as you would have if you've
written your programm in C, and it would be much more difficult to
decompile your code then from *.pyc file, and I believe that this is
what many people are asking for.
Of course, if the value of your programm is high enough, so that some
dedicated cracker wants to crack it, then everything that was written in
other posts fully applies.
I hope this helps a little,
Marijan Tadin

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