make order of function definitions irrelevant

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Nov 10 22:05:54 CET 2003

anton muhin wrote:
> Peter Hansen wrote:
> > As it stands, the first line in the above code is still redundant,
> > and can be removed with no ill effects, as "func" is not actually
> > called until it is bound to a real function.
> Sure, thanks. It just a little bit clearer.

I would respectfully claim that, to a Python programmer, it's actually
just a little bit _less_ clear, just because of the "unnecessity" of 
doing it.  One might have to waste a moment to try to figure out why 
it's done that way.

Only to a programmer coming from another language, one which requires
such declarations, might this seem clearer, and I'm unsure about that.  

(And the sooner said programmer unlearns some things, the sooner Python
will feel more comfortable.)

All IMHO... no offense intended.


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