Leo problems ...

Bernhard Mulder bwm at acm.org
Tue Nov 25 01:38:23 CET 2003

1. Look at the installation directory for src\leo.py. Use a DOS box to 
start the python interpreter (for the regular install it is 
c:\python23\python.exe) with leo.py as the first argument. If LEO
does not come up, you should have a stack trace which should help
identify the source of your problem.

The install starts pythonw.exe if you double click an icon. This does 
not open a DOS window. Not sure if the traceback just disappears, or how 
to get a hold of it in this case.

2. Most LEO problems are reported in (the general) discussion forums of 
leo.sourceforge.net. For error reports, the author is normally quite 

Jeff Wagner wrote:
> Hello,
> I tried to send this message to the author of Leo and kept getting a ChoiceMail message telling me
> that I had to reply to that message to get my message read. I did that four times but it doesn't
> seem to be working (I keep getting the same stupid message from ChoiceMail). Therefore, I will post
> my question here in hopes that someone may have an answer.
> I just installed Leo on my WinXP Pro machine to try it out and it won't run. I first tried the
> latest version 4.1b2 then tried 4.04. It installs ok but when I try to run it using the Icon (doulbe
> click on icon link), I get the hour-glass icon then it goes away ... like nothing happened.
> I have ActiveState Python2.3 installed. Any idea why this program won't come up?
> Thanks

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