polymorphism in python

Roy Smith roy at panix.com
Wed Nov 26 22:53:36 CET 2003

Jay O'Connor <joconnor at cybermesa.com> wrote:
> Languages like Python [and] Smalltalk [...] are not as good at
> overloading based on argument types (how do you have two methods
> that have the same name but one takes a single integer argument
> and one takes a single string argument?

But how often is it actually useful to do such a thing?  I can't 
remember the last time I wanted to do something like that in Python.  
Did lots of it in C++, but that's more working around the language than 
anything else.  Can you think of a good example of why you would want to 
do something like that in Python?

If your intent is that you could call foo(4) or foo('4'), you could just 

def foo (x):
   theRealX = int (x)

or you could maybe even do:

def foo (x):
   if type(x) == StringType:
      do string stuff
      do integer stuff

but if you're trying to do either of the above, I suspect you're trying 
to write C++ in Python (which is as bad, if not worse, as trying to 
write Fortran in Python).

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