libmysqld.dll - any working example?

Joe Francia usenet at
Sat Nov 29 09:40:56 CET 2003

JZ wrote:
> On Sat, 29 Nov 2003 01:00:34 GMT, Dennis Lee Bieber
> <wlfraed at> wrote:
>>>Does anybody know any working example of using embedded MySQL library
>>>for Win32 (libmysqld.dll)? That example from MySQL manual does not
>>>work for me. I am looking for Python API to libmysqld.dll...
>>       If I understand my book (hmmm, looks like New Riders has been 
>>swallowed by SAMS and renamed to "Developer's Library"), that DLL would 
>>have to be specified to the linker in place of the regular client 
>>protocol library. If so, to get Python to use it will likely require 
>>rebuilding the MySQLdb modules changing the linkage option.
> Do you know how to rebuild this module using Visual Studio 7 instead
> of v6? Is it possible?
> --
> JZ

Unless you're totally married to MySQL, you may want to consider using 
one of the embeddable databases for Python, such as Sleepycat's 
Berkeley, Metakit, PySQLite, Kinterbase, etc.  I've used Berkeley, 
Metakit and PySQLite, and they're all very good, each serving somewhat 
different needs.  Shouldn't be too much effort to pull the data out of 
MySQL and into something else.


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