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On 5 Nov 2003, guettli at thomas-guettler.de wrote:

> Hi!
> I use xemacs. Is it possible to show the next higher
> level in the status bar?
> Up to now it looks like this:
> Noconv-----XEmacs: foo.py (Python Font)----L1177-C0--79%---
> It would be nice if it could look like this:
> Noconv-----XEmacs: foo.py/MyClass (Python Font)----L1177-C0--79%---
> if the cursor is inside "class MyClass ....."
> Or better, like this, if the cursor is inside
> myFunc of MyClass:
> Noconv-----XEmacs: foo.py/MyClass/myFunc (Python
> Font)----L1177-C0--79%---
> thomas

You could try func-menu. Note the last sentence, which says it does
what you wish.

;; Description:
;; ============
;; Suppose you have a file with a lot of functions in it. Well, this package
;; makes it easy to jump to any of those functions. The names of the
;; functions in the current buffer are automatically put into a menubar menu,
;; you select one of the function-names and the point is moved to that very
;; function. The mark is pushed on the mark-ring, so you can easily go back
;; to where you were. Alternatively, you can use enter the name of the
;; desired function via the minibuffer which offers completing read input. In
;; addition, the name of the function before point is optionally displayed in
;; the modeline.

I use it like this:

(require 'func-menu)
(add-hook 'find-file-hooks 'fume-add-menubar-entry)

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