python a bust?

John J. Lee jjl at
Fri Nov 14 16:07:48 CET 2003

pythonguy at (Anand Pillai) writes:
> There might have been thousands of books published in C/C++
> language and they have all helped to popularize it in one
> or the other way. Contrast, in the python world we have one
> Alex Martelli, one Wesley Chun, one David Mertz, really
> countable by hand.

And thank heavens for that.  Most books on C++ (and the same goes for
all kinds of other technical subjects) actually do nothing other to
make it harder to find the decent books.  Ironically, the good books
often seem to get published first, followed afterwards by a glut of
awful ones jumping on the bandwagon.  So much for competition...

> There is a limit to how much a single person can evangelize
> a language. Questions similar to what the O.P posted arise
> from the listeners. 
> I would prefer to see more books on Python though they all might
> be useless from a pure techie point of view. Let us have
> a book on Software Projects in python for example. It might not
> have the technical superiority of a Martelli book, but more 
> attempts like that will save the language and help the 
> eyeball factor, which is so important in practical marketing.

... but I can see where you're coming from.


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