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Eric Williams s-rube at
Wed Nov 12 17:12:37 CET 2003


Looks alright, but I'd be interested to know why you designate python a 4GL?
You might want to check your jargon lexicon on that one.


Anastasios Hatzis wrote:

> Hi
> I have set up a page for a project on SourceForge. This project is about
> a bundled tech platform, which contains Python (among other OSS tools),
> so I also included a page with regard to Python. Indeed my English isn't
> that good, thus the information given on this page really needs a
> check-up.
> I would be very happy, if someone has the time and willingness to read
> this page (English, orthographical, and textual). The URL is:
> There are also Python related information on some other web
> pages/documents of the project, but they are just abstracts/copies of
> this page.
> Many thanks!
> Anastasios

s- should be removed to contact me...

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