Use of GPLed Python extension modules

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at
Mon Nov 24 21:41:29 CET 2003

pmaupin at (Patrick Maupin) wrote in message news:<653b7547.0311230957.69e5cdbc at>...
> As for the moral issue, IMO the distinction the FSF makes between
> loosely-coupled and tightly-coupled programs is false.  (Legally,
> also, this distinction is false except when the programs are coupled
> so tightly they MUST be provided in the same distribution.  In other
> words, it is the distribution of GPLed code which offends, not any
> technical aspects of how non-GPLed code interacts with GPLed code.)
Well, the big "difference" between C libraries, and Python modules is
that C libraries usually consist of .h files, which get included in
your "dynamically" linked program. That wouldn't be that bad, but .h
files often contain macros and/or inlined function, which makes every
client of the library include some part of the sourcecode of the

Python modules OTOH include only my name, so there is no "code" leaked
into my

If you read the interviews of the FSF Lawyers with this in your head,
it just makes much more sense (yeah, by using readline you are
including it, well at least parts, in your program).


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