Rekall not longer available from - a fabrication

GrayGeek jkrepsBEAR at
Sat Nov 1 01:53:02 CET 2003

Shawn Gordon wrote:

> We had to let John go this last week, we tried to do it in an amicable
> fashion, but John had and has been enganged in this type of activity
> for a bit now.  Everything in this email is a complete fabrication.
> John cannot legally sell the Rekall software, nor does he own it.
> I'm sorry for any confusion this might have caused anyone, but we're
> still here and will be here for a long time to come.
> Shawn Gordon
> President
> "John Dean" <john at> wrote in message
> news:<3fa0fd21$0$12688$fa0fcedb at>...
>> Many of our supporters have sent email asking for a reason why Rekall has
>> been taken away from (TKC). Basically, the answer is TKC
>> is bankrupt. TKC's team of developers have not been paid for over 5
>> months (some even longer).
>> Sometime in June this year, we were are told to find alternative work
>> until TKC's financial situation improves. The development of Rekall is a
>> full time job so Mike and myself were unable to comply, since we were
>> already committed to releasing Rekall V2.1.0 in a timely manner. We
>> decided that it was unfair to our customers to expect them to wait for
>> TKC's finanical situation to improve, which could be anything from 12
>> months to 3 years. Consequently, Mike and I decided that it would be in
>> the best interest of our customers if we took back Rekall and continued
>> its development alone.
>> You may remember what happened with Black Adder, TKCs Python IDE. TKC
>> released for sale Black Adder beta over 3 years ago at a discounted
>> price, with a promise of a free upgrade once BA V1.0 stable was
>> completed. BA V1.0 stable made its first appearance at the end of August
>> this year, over 3 years late. This kind of thing is not going to happen
>> with Rekall.
>> Rekall will always be available from and
>> Furthemore, there may be the possibility that
>> sometime in the future we will release Rekall under the GPL and only
>> charge a nominal fee for email support on a subscription basis, so keep
>> an eye on either of the Total Rekall Portals
>> On behalf of Mike and myself I would like to apoloze for any
>> inconvenience or confusion our actions may caused.
"How profitable is 

Surely you jest :). Last year was good for us, our best yet, we're hovering
at the break even point basically. Keep in mind this company was founded
and funded out of my own pocket, and I'm not, nor ever was, wealthy, there
are no outside investors. In 3.5 years we've built up almost 40
applications running on four platforms with a team of people I've never
physically met. It's a little frustrating to see companies getting funded
with millions of dollars for just ideas that never pan out when we have a
proven track record, but then again we've never actually tried to raise
money, we've built it all on the sweat of our collective brow and some
personal sacrifice, but we all believe in what we are doing, and enjoy the
process and our friends to the extent you can be friends with people you've
never met and have never talked to on the phone. "


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