Rekall not longer available from - a fabrication

John Dean john at
Fri Nov 7 17:33:49 CET 2003

> [Richie]
> > Your website ( says "The GPL version would
> > be
> > free for non-commercial use", which is a contradiction.

The above statement has been removed.
But I should point out that only Rekall for Linux will be released under the
GPL. If all goes well those variant will follow

> [Phil]
> > There's nothing innacurate or contradictory in that statement. After
> > all, the GPL *is* "free for non-commercial use"; it just happens to
> > be free for commerical use as well -- and the website doesn't say
> > that it isn't, it just omits to mention that it is.
> You are right of course.  Let me be more precise (addressing John again):
> The words used on your website seem to me to imply that the GPL version
> could not be used commercially.  If that is the intention of those words,
> you are mistaken about either the meaning of the GPL, or your power as a
> copyright owner to control the application of the GPL to your code.  If
> you release your code under the GPL, it can be used commercially, and you
> cannot change that.
> (I vote Phil for pedant of the week.  8-)

Best Regards

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