make order of function definitions irrelevant

anton muhin antonmuhin.REMOVE.ME.FOR.REAL.MAIL at
Mon Nov 10 20:39:19 CET 2003

Joerg Schuster wrote:

> Hello,
> according to
> the order of function definitions does matter in python. Does anyone
> know a trick to avoid this? Is there a way to "declare" functions
> without defining them?
> (Making the order of function definitions irrelevant would be useful
> for automatically generated python scripts.)
> Jörg
  As was said, you usually don't need such a thing. If you desperatly 
looking for it, something like this might work:

func = None

def caller():
     assert func, 'func is None'
     return func()

def foo():
     return 'foo'

def bar():
     return 'bar'

func = foo

print func()

Of course, in this case you'd better pass an actual function as a 
parameter. But, again, almost for sureit's a flaw in your design.


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