import freeze

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Nov 25 04:41:10 CET 2003

Colin Brown wrote:
> I have a Pyro server thread that is not starting and I have traced the
> problem through to the a point in the Pyro code where it freezes. The code
> fragment (my added print statements):
>    print '[finalizeConfig_Server] before import random'
>    import random
>    print '[finalizeConfig_Server] after import random'
> is printing the first print line but not the second. Is there any way of
> dynamically turning on in-depth tracing before the import statement?
> [Py2.3.2, Win2K]

Not sure about tracing per se, but if you can run the server program
without detaching from the console, the following two lines of code
can be exceptionally helpful:

 import pdb

This lets you manually single-step through the code to find the source 
of the trouble (and other features, probably including some real 


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