'from __future__ import ...' overview

Logan logan at phreaker.nospam
Tue Nov 25 01:09:09 CET 2003

Is there a list with all 'from __future__ import ...' statements 
(which lists all the statements, in which version of Python the
feature was introduced and in which version of Python it will become
the default behavior)?

I guess, normally such a list is not necessary because a new feature
needs its 'from __future__ import ...' statement only in the present
version of Python and will become default in the next version. But
e.g. 'from __future__ import division' is said to not become default
before Python 3.0.

Usually, I use A.M. Kuchling's "What's new in Python 2.x" articles
for that kind of stuff; but I thought, such a might exist somewhere
as a short reference.

Any links?

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