Regular expression code implementation review between Tcl vs Python

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Wed Nov 12 06:29:54 CET 2003

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> > One aspect I don't understanding about python is that the Python
> > language itself is object oriented and all the internal is implement
> > as C object.   Why not C++ object?
> Using an OO language doesn't necessarily make implementing another
> OO language any easier, when the object models are mismatched (and
> they almost invariably are).  Look at other opensource OO languages,
> such as Ruby, and you'll see they also use C, not C++.
> Actually, a small and carefully selected subset of C++ might surely help,
> _if_ there was consensus on what that subset should be and net of
> the work of hashing that consensus out.  But C++ just isn't very much
> in the opensource culture -- C is just much more popular.  Eric Raymond's
> book "The Art of Unix Programming" doesn't address the issue directly but
> much of what it says about "Unix culture" extends directly to opensource
> (as he notes, too).  There are such values as an admiration for simplicity
> (cfr. C's principle, as per the Rationale of the C Standard, "provide only
> one way to perform an operation", and Python's corresponding "there ought
> to be one, and preferably only one, obvious way to do it") which militate in
> favour of C (which may not have reached simplicity everywhere but surely
> did and does always strive for it) and against C++ (which never gave
> language-simplicity a high priority level among its many design goals); even
> in subcultures that overtly reject such principles (e.g., Perl's) they may 
> still have some subconscious-level effect.
> I used to bemoan this back when I was a C++ not-quite-but-close-guru.
> 3 years later, with little use of C++ in the meantime, I have forgotten more
> about C++ than most of it practitioners will ever learn... but C is just 
> never forgotten, like how to swim or how to ride a bicycle.  So, I am not
> any longer so sure if my "bemoaning" was warranted.
> Alex


It is sad but true.  

One c++ project (was commercial, now open source) I found
that is very interesting to read/browse is the chorus. It is micro-kernel
os where everything is a class/object including threads, pagetable, scheduler.
Very interesting.  Unfortunately, it seems to be dying when compare to 
BSD, Linux.

What's nice about python's internal is that it is very clean 
and well structure with object orient mind set.  

K Lee

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