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>> Hmmm - I wonder if 'expansion' or 'scale' is a continuous value in
>> space-time, like curvature? Well, I guess it must be really - just
>> write the model in those terms and hey presto - but what I mean, I
>> guess, is "is there a function that can define that 'scale' in terms
>> of local physics to explain things we don't currently have an
>> explanation for?".
>I do not understand what you are trying to say here.

Once, the shape of space-time (in as much as the concept existed) was
assumed separate from things that are located withing the space-time.
Now we know that space-time curvature is a function of gravity, which
is a function of the distribution of mass.

Maybe the distribution of something else determines the 'scale' or
'expansion rate' of space-time.

Which suddenly sounds familiar - of course general relativity includes
dilation of time and space related to gravity and
velocity/acceleration anyway so there is presumably no need to
postulate a 'something else' to explain the expansion of space-time
(well, besides the already postulated dark energy).

Oh well.

Steve Horne

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