Request for simple a customisable Python editor

Shu-Hsien Sheu sheu at
Fri Nov 7 16:59:44 CET 2003


SciTE, which is based on Scintilla is very nice. I settled down with it 
after 3+months of trying around. I tried emacs and VI at first, but the 
customization in emacs was confusing (to me) and some of vi's behavior 
isn't what I used to (in Win32), and it lacks code foding.


>I want to develop a simple Python program to edit source code that is
>persisted in a database (memo fields).
>The code to be edited is iHTML and SQL and I want syntax colouring and good
>basic features including tabs for multiple 'files' and searching.
>It will be a Win32 deployment.
>My question is can anyone recommend a good Python editor program that I can
>use as a starting point for customisation?
>I'd like to base it on Scintilla and wxPython (though I really want the
>easiest/fastest solution). Or does something already exist?
>I prefer to keep it simple and focused on our requirements so an full
>python IDE is probably not a good starting point. :)
>The requirements are bound to grow so a good architecture is important.
>Obviously I'll need source to add the required DB connectivity.
>So far I have Dave Kuhlman's wxEditor and Patrick O'Brien's Py family
>Steve Lee
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