"python exe" and "py plugins"

marco marc.lentz at ctrceal.caisse-epargne.fr
Tue Nov 18 08:50:23 CET 2003

first of all ; sorry for my poor english ; i'm french ...
and i hope you can understand below

I use python (and wxpython) on a win32 platform, to build a simple "home
theater pc".
I want to release it in a package (with all needed to run)
so i use (the wonderful) py2exe to build it ... it works like a charm ...
nothing to say

but, i'd like to make my program "plugin'able" ...
so i ask myself (and you too ;-), if i could do that :
- release all "core program" in an exe (with py2exe)
- release the plugins in ".py" files ... and distribute them in a subfolder
of my core program.

and i like to call these "py files" from my core program ... (with
execfile() ?)
can the exe call theses, without an "installed python runtime" ? (i hope ;-)

i hope you understand my need ... and could answer at my question (wish)


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