Problems sending list/tuple to a C extension.

Christian Seberino seberino at
Sat Nov 22 20:39:01 CET 2003


Thanks for your reply.  I found an example on
of parens for PyArg_ParseTuple at

And an example of parens AND square brackets for Py_BuildValue at:

but you are right... no square bracket for PyArg_ParseTuple.

I was not able to get parens (tuples) to work for either
successfully.  Any ideas?


martin at (Martin v. Löwis) wrote in message news:<m3oev4vc0r.fsf at>...
> seberino at (Christian Seberino) writes:
> > docs seem to suggest that sending in lists and tuples
> > was as simple as changing string in PyArg_ParseTuple to contain
> > parens or brackets....
> What documentation are you specifically referring to? PyArg_ParseTuple
> does not support square brackets.
> Regards,
> Martin

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