best GUI toolkit for python: tkinter, wxPython or what?

GrayGeek jkrepsBEAR at
Sat Nov 1 00:22:08 CET 2003

Tim Ronning wrote:

>>> for somebody who wants tostart small/medium GUI apps with python:
>>> what's the best toolkit: tkinter, wxPython or what? stability, ease of
>>> use
>>> and portability between mac and windows are the main criteria.
>> Portability is fine with all the main xplatform toolkits afaik, so NP
>> there.
>> In terms of ease of use and stability it's hard to beat tkinter, which
>> is barely changed since YEARS (can't get much stabler than that) -- and
>> quite easy for elementary tasks, too.
>> If you'd asked for looks, speed, screenpainters & suchlike tools, or
>> functional richness (particularly in terms of variety of widgets), the
>> answer might be different (and Qt, wx or GTK might then be preferred).
>> Alex
> I myself is a novice in this game. But I couldn't help myself, so in
> paralell with learning the basics I fetched the Eric IDE, PyQt wrapper and
> the latest QT. Within minutes I was actually generateing really nice UI's.
> And the best thing of all, just compile your forms from within ERIC and,
> voila you have a python script including all the QT stuff. This is RAD.
> Best regards
> Tim Ronning

Hi Tim,
I am finding that boa-constructor is a nice Python GUI RAD tool.  It is
WYSIWYG, with all code being ascii, making it easy to version control with
CVS.  The widgets are wxPython and have good documentation.  I recently
switched from Java to Python and while boa-constructor is not as
sophisticated as JDev9, the results are much more compact and the resulting
app is much faster.  Using cx_Freeze byte compiles your app.


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