Regular expressions

William Park opengeometry at
Sun Oct 26 01:43:37 CEST 2003

Kill Bill <bill at> wrote:
> Also, if yipee is a variable, what happens when I do?
>"[yipee]*", line):
> This will treat yipee as a string correct?  I want it to treat yipee as a
> variable and perform the different combinations on whatever is inside the
> variable.

Use round bracket (ie. parenthesis) instead of square one, ie.

> "Kill Bill" <bill at> wrote in message
> news:bneu7i$10u2ht$1 at
>> I'm trying to find all combinations of the a string.
>> I found that [blah]* gives it to me but it uses the same letter multiple
>> times which I dont' want.

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