Python from Wise Guy's Viewpoint

Stephen J. Bevan stephen at
Tue Oct 28 05:54:36 CET 2003

Pascal Costanza <costanza at> writes:
> Fergus Henderson wrote:
> >> Dynamic typing works better with XP than static typing because with
> >> dynamic typing you can write unit tests without having the need to
> >> immediately write appropriate target code.
> > That one seems to have been pretty thoroughly debunked by other
> > responses
> > in this thread.  A static type system won't stop you writing unit tests.
> > And if you want to actually run the unit tests, then you are going to
> > need appropriate target code, regardless of whether the system is
> > statically or dynamically typed.
> Not if I only want to check whether the first ten tests work, and
> don't care about the remaining ones.

Perhaps I'm just a low tech kind of guy but if I just want to run the
first ten then I comment out the rest.  Even without a fancy IDE that
only take a few key presses.

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