Can Python work like Java Applet?

Haoyu Zhang flyfeather at
Wed Oct 22 22:15:42 CEST 2003

"Batista, Facundo" <FBatista at> wrote in message news:<mailman.13.1066834766.702.python-list at>...
> #- I am in the process to choose which to learn. Java or 
> #- Python? I was told that
> #- Python is much more neat. But I am not sure about its 
> #- functionality. Can it
> #- support something like Java Applet? If so, I will learn this one.
> AFIK, no. But, remember that 'Java' and 'Java Applet' are different things.
> And 'Java' doesn't support something like 'Java Applet'.
> Just don't get confused by the names. Browsers have embedded a 'Java Applet'
> interpreter. You can't execute Java there.
> .	Facundo

Dear Facundo,
I think you mean Java Script here, right? I feel Java Applet is an
important application of Java. Thanks for your reply.


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