use make and version control system for every project?

Roy Smith roy at
Mon Oct 6 16:13:09 CEST 2003

sashan <mabus at> wrote:
> I'm also using Subversion for a part-time contract I'm working on. 

How's that working out?  I've been watching the subversion project for 
several years with interest, but so far havn't worked up the courage to 
actually use it for anything.

I'm mostly happy with CVS, except for a few things.  High on the list is 
the inability to move files around, as others have mentioned.  I know 
subversion fixes that one.  Sounds like an interesting system, but it's 
hard to get a good feel for how solid the thing is from reading the 
release notes.  It's hard to abandon an old tool that mostly works well 
without a lot of confidence in the new one.

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