python can't count!

Jay O'Connor joconnor at
Thu Oct 2 17:09:31 CEST 2003

On 2 Oct 2003 08:02:48 -0700, dokaspar at (Dominik
Kaspar) wrote:

>i'm wondering if i'm just too stupid for python or if i've missed
>something fundamentally important of its semantics.
>Why does the following program result in the TypeError: print_it()
>takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)?
>I don't see any function passing or receiving 2 arguments here... am i

You are missing the hidden passing of 'self' to object methods in
Python.  Methods need to declare 'self' in the parameter list

	def print_it (self, n):
		print n

>import threading
>class Server(threading.Thread):
>    def print_it(n):
>        print n
>    def run(self):
>        self.print_it(34)
>        while 1:
>            pass
>s = Server()

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