Python syntax in Lisp and Scheme

Pascal Bourguignon spam at
Wed Oct 8 05:39:59 CEST 2003

prunesquallor at writes:
> You misunderstand me.  In a python block, two expressions are
> associated with each other if they are the same distance from the left
> edge.  This is isomorphic to having a nametag identifying the scope
> of the line.  Lines are associated with each other iff they have the
> same nametag.  Change one, and all must change.

Exactly. What was  that language where you wrote  tags to indicate the
indenting of data structures:

      01  DREP.
          02  NO-REPR          PIC 9999.
          02  NO-SOTR          PIC 9999.
          02  NOM              PIC X(20).
          02  PRENOM           PIC X(15).
          02  A                PIC 9.
          02  B                PIC 9.
          02  FILLER           PIC X.
          02  D                PIC 9.
          02  FILLER           PIC X(33).
      01  DVTE.
          02  NO-SOTV          PIC 9999.
          02  NO-REPV          PIC 9999.
          02  MTV              PIC 9(6)V99.
          02  FILLER           PIC X(64).

> If, instead, you use balanced delimiters, then a subexpression no
> longer has to encode its position within the containing expression.
> [...]

Do not adjust your mind, there is a fault in reality.

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