Python syntax in Lisp and Scheme

Pascal Costanza costanza at
Wed Oct 8 00:59:20 CEST 2003

Corey Coughlin wrote:
> I was never very fond of lisp.  I guess I mean scheme technically, I
> took the Ableson and Sussman course back in college, so that's what I
> learned of scheme, lisp in general I've mostly used embedded in other
> things.  In general, it always seemed to me that a lot of the design
> choices in lisp are driven more by elegance and simplicity than
> usability.

You should give Common Lisp a try. Many Lispers think that that's 
exactly one of the advantages of Common Lisp over Scheme: it focuses 
more on usability than on elegance.

Of course, mileages vary, but you shouldn't draw conclusions about 
Common Lisp from your experience with Scheme, and vice versa. Common 
Lisp and Scheme are as similar as, say, C++ and Pascal.


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