Cookie Module

John J. Lee jjl at
Tue Oct 28 22:30:21 CET 2003

nirmalkannan at (N.K) writes:

> > What do you want this for?  I'm curious, and I suspect you're unaware
> > that the RFCs on cookies are *not* the standards followed by most of
> > the web -- the real 'standards' aren't really written down anywhere.
> True,I was forced to use RFC 2965.

Who forced you?

> And there are more reserved
> keywords such as 'port' , 'Discard' etc. Anyway it is not a bad thing
> to update a module.

What?  I'm not certain I understand you, but I'll say again
(especially since my second response to Anand seems to have vanished
again): RFC 2965 is not only defunct as an internet protocol, it has
*never* been used by more than a vanishing fraction of the internet.


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