Special Characters in Console

Gregor palam_POOP_edes at softhome.net
Wed Oct 1 23:09:21 CEST 2003

I forgot to mention, I'm using Python on Windows...

Gregor <palam_POOP_edes at softhome.net> wrote in news:ObHeb.1385$6C4.1108

> I am trying to print some special characters, but they come out as 
> different characters in the Python console. If I have a script like 
> # -*- coding: latin_1 -*-
> print "Mädchen"
> print "M\xE4dchen"
> Both statements produce a capital sigma where they ä should be. Typing 
> "\xE4" directly in the console also spits back a sigma.
> What encoding does the console use? Is there a way to get it to use 
> latin-1?
> Thanks,
> Greg

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