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> > I have another guess, and that is that given the activity in both the
> > A-A-P and Scons projects, these likely-to-exist GUI systems would be
> > relatively primitive in comparison and would be unsatisfactory as a
> > result.
> Hmm... perhaps I should have not mentioned the expression "build
> system". I have in mind something more general than the build system
> for compiling and assembling a software package. I have in mind system
> tasks, including hitting databases, running DTS packages. That is,
> what I have in mind is not a coder's tool (which is basically an
> advanced makefile system), but an enterprise system tool for task
> management. In short, one level above. I have in mind tasks that are
> much more complicated than just a command line, that's why I mentioned
> about writing individual wrappers for every task. Of course the same
> system could be used for makefile purpose, but I would like something
> that's more general than makefile.
> Believe it or not, similar things are not uncommon in the commercial
> world. I have worked with an astronomically-priced rules engine
> product before, and that was quite similar in spirit. And GUI of
> course is a must, since we are not always dealing with programmers.
> Anyway, all this is a common need. So I'd be surprised if there is
> nothing already out there. I myself have made one smaller system like
> this before, although nothing fancy and was too specific to my
> environment back then.

I thought that was what Ant did? You build a class to handle each
task, and that class could do whatever it needed to do.

John Roth
> regards,
> Hung Jung

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