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Mon Oct 6 05:10:40 CEST 2003

On Mon, 06 Oct 2003 02:10:05 GMT, JanC <usenet_spam at janc.invalid>

>hankc at (HankC) schreef:
>> I think it's conceivable that MS will disallow native code at some
>> point.  When, I don't know but I'd guess in 3-5 years.
>They can't.  Other operating systems (e.g. Linux & MacOSX) would run 
>circles around Windows when playing the latest games and CPU-intensive 
>applications (like 3D-rendering) if they did...

>From what I hear, the JIT compile causes a little delay when
initiating an app but the actual execution speed is really good.  The
exception is GDI but within 3-5 years, if not a lot sooner, they will
have this fixed.

Furthermore, MS has the capability of just telling people/developers
what needs to be done.  Assuming they get the crappy GDI portion of
net working fairly well, and they prohibit native execution (with I
suspect rare exceptions) do you really think game developers are
suddenly going to abandon Windows for Linux?

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