python 2.3.1 issues DeprecationWarning for FCNTL when importing tempfile

Pierre Rouleau prouleau001 at
Wed Oct 8 02:55:43 CEST 2003

David Bolen wrote:

> Pierre Rouleau <prouleau at> writes:
>>The creation of fcntl.pyc is not easy to reproduce.  After noticing
>>the file presence I was not able to reproduce the creation of the file
>>again.  I'll try later tonight and will update this thread if i find
>>something new.
> Just make a dummy module that directly imports fcntl (or even
> conditionally as if it were a module that was supposed to work under
> Windows or Unix), aka:
>     try:
>         import fcntl
>     except:
>         pass
> And then run Installer's and on that - you'll
> have your fcntl.pyc.

> The trick is then figuring out which of your various projects may have
> directly or indirectly referenced fcntl somewhere so that Installer
> found it when doing its dependency checking.  Probably not worth it
> though :-)
> I think that fixing this either means that Installer needs to better
> track case of identified import files during dependency checking, or
> that the py_compile module needs to double check the case of files it
> is asked to compile when generating default output names.

I have reported the bug in Gordon McMillan Bug Tracker.
Thanks to all!


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