Is there python module about win32 'Scheduled Tasks' ?

Roger Upole rupole at
Sun Oct 12 23:39:31 CEST 2003

I've got a small module to interface with the windows Task Scheduler.
Never tried it with 2003 yet, but it's been tested with
Windows 2000 and WinNT.  The only binary I've got right now is for
Python 2.2, but I can recompile it with 2.3 if need be.
Email me if you're interested.

"Bart Simpson" <bbiro at> wrote in message
news:10093a06.0310112024.76b8628f at
> Hi,
> I want to control 'Scheduled Tasks' in Windows 2003 by python program.
> But I couldn't find any Python module about win32 'Scheduled Tasks'.
> I could find only Perl module about it. (see
> But, I want to control 'Scheduled Tasks' by python :)
> Is there any python module about win32 'Scheduled Tasks'?
> Or, is there another solution?
> Thanks!
> --
> Y.H. Rhiu

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