Can Python work like Java Applet?

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Wed Oct 22 22:38:04 CEST 2003

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>Batista, Facundo wrote:
>> AFIK, no. But, remember that 'Java' and 'Java Applet' are different things.
>> And 'Java' doesn't support something like 'Java Applet'.
>> Just don't get confused by the names. Browsers have embedded a 'Java Applet'
>> interpreter. You can't execute Java there.
>I think that here is some confusion.
>A "Java Applet" as to my best knowledge *is* Jave, but it runs in a very 
>limited sandbox that prevents it from doing bad things to the machine 
>where the browser runs.
>If you *really* need that sort of thing (that is, run custom code in a 
>clients browser) Java will be your best bet as it is the only approach 
>that is somewhat cross-platform.
Let's reconsider whether Java is "the only approach that is
somewhat cross-platform."  Some of my Web-app-specializing
acquaintances tell me Flash, for example, is effectively both
more capable and portable than Java.

There have been at least rudimentary marriages of Flash and
Python.  I suspect the two could get along quite well.  I
don't know whether someone has already done this.

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