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Kenny Tilton ktilton at
Mon Oct 20 00:22:50 CEST 2003

Joachim Durchholz wrote:

> Oh, you're trolling for an inter-language flame fest...
> well, anyway:
>> 3. no multimethods (why? Guido did not know Lisp, so he did not know 
>>    about them) You now have to suffer from visitor patterns, etc. like
>>     lowly Java monkeys.
> Multimethods suck.
> The longer answer: Multimethods have modularity issues 

Lisp consistently errs on the side of more expressive power. The idea of 
putting on a strait jacket while coding to protect us from ourselves 
just seems batty. Similarly, a recent ex-C++ journal editor recently 
wrote that test-driven development now gives him the code QA peace of 
mind he once sought from strong static typing. An admitted former static 
typing bigot, he finished by wondering aloud, "Will we all be coding in 
Python ten years from now?"


What?! You are a newbie and you haven't answered my:

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