best GUI toolkit for python: tkinter, wxPython or what?

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Are there any good GUI RAD tools for developing database apps? (!Zope)
I'm thinking about something that will browze a database schema and
generate forms for a given table or query using SLE's, grids,
checkboxes, radio buttons, scrollbars, navigation buttons and other
controls. (Like DataWindows in PowerBuilder.) Predefined display and
navigation objects for typical database CRUD operations. Something like
master-detail grids for table joins. This would require event triggers
so that when focus on a row in the master grid changes, a query to pop
the detail grid/form would be automagic. This is common oft repeated
functionality for database apps so it's a good candidate for reusable
code. Maybe fat-client is passe but the functionality is needed. It
would also be handy to implement as 3 tier with an application server
doing connection pooling to the database server, etc. 

Am I dreaming?

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>Leo wrote:
>> for somebody who wants tostart small/medium GUI apps with python:
>> what's the best toolkit: tkinter, wxPython or what? stability, ease 
>> of use and portability between mac and windows are the main criteria.
>Portability is fine with all the main xplatform toolkits afaik, so NP 
>In terms of ease of use and stability it's hard to beat tkinter, which 
>is barely changed since YEARS (can't get much stabler than that) -- and

>quite easy for elementary tasks, too.
>If you'd asked for looks, speed, screenpainters & suchlike tools, or 
>functional richness (particularly in terms of variety of widgets), the 
>answer might be different (and Qt, wx or GTK might then be preferred).

I would have to say that although Tkinter is easy to use, the look and
feel of the finished product is a little agricultural, particularly on
the Windows platform.  If you can stretch a little, then I would go for
wxPython which has a richer set of widgets and looks much more
professional.  I have written a couple of apps with Tkinter and moved on
to wx.  I have been much more satisfied with the final appearance of the
wx apps.
Simon Foster
Somewhere in the West of England

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