Eureka! (Re: Comments on Python Redesign)

Paul McNett p at
Tue Sep 9 00:20:57 CEST 2003

John J. Lee writes:

> > * There's no guarantee tiny urls will remain unique or even
> > available for long periods of time.  Their current practice
> > of using four lower-case letters suggests they have space
> > for about 450,000 unique URLs before extending to a fifth
> > letter.
> Good practice to give both URLs, I suppose -- easier to
> cut-n-paste the tinyurl, but the original one has a better
> chance of still working later.

Just what is the problem with posting long url's anyway? 
Just turn off wordwrap, and send. Example of a long url
(I have wordwrap off):

TinyURL is perhaps a cute idea though...

Paul McNett

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