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> 2) The site is designed to reflect the expectations of commercial
> customers who are used to the likes of peoplesoft and atg, etc. 

all of those sites are completely useless brochure ware fluff.

A programming language web site does not NEED any graphics whatsoever!
It needs clean plain readable text that is logically and rationally
laid out with obvious textual links, also it needs to be MULTI-LINGUAL
. . . which pictures and icons are NOT multi-lingual by nature.

> also
> it's designed to project an image to set Python alongside existing 
> enterprise programming langagues (apologies for using the e word)

try picking a web site that is useable over the graphical corporate
fluff for the home page.

then put a big obvious link that says, NON-TECHNICAL PEOPLE THAT WANT

Making the default home page corporate contentless brochure-ware fluff
is defiantly the quickest way to drive away the technical people,
without whom Python would not be as popular.

A completely separate brochure-ware Python for non-technical managers
site would be usefull, but making the entire site and the main page
have that function would be counter productive.

here are good useable technical sites

there are many others, but they all have ONE thing in common, CLEAN
UNCLUTTERED CONSISTENT layout of information, and very very very very
few graphics and very very very little fluff.

Anything that does NOT directly convey useful infomration is FLUFF.

> 3) it's an image. Images don't stretch. If I make it any bigger
> it would not fit in 800 wide browsers. A lot of designers make a choice
> between fixed width and fluid. I would probably choose fluid for all
> but the home page however I'm looking at fluid techniques for that too.

then post the HTML that generated the image, learn from your lesson,
don't post screen shots in the future.

> Tim

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