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Graham Fawcett graham__fawcett at
Tue Sep 9 19:11:45 CEST 2003

Nick Vargish <nav+posts at> wrote in message news:<m3smn772ka.fsf at>...
> I really like the idea of the PSF selling boxed python distros for
> around $300. People who make the business decisions _like_ spending
> money on a product -- it's somehow comforting to them. Include bound
> copies of the Tutorial and Library Reference, to give the box some
> weight and make it clear that they are paying for something more than
> a CD of "free software". (Spiral bound documents, please!)
> I'm hoping that my boss will be shelling out for some Komodo Pro
> licenses, partly for the above reason. The other part of the reason is
> that once money is spent on something, it becomes more entrenched in
> an organization. This will serve to counter the PHB attitude that "if
> it costs nothing to bring in, it will cost nothing to throw out."

We bought Komodo licences for the same reason. ActiveState has been a
great friend to us, though we've never been introduced; they certainly
deserve a few bucks. And yes, I'd get our dept. to purchase PSF
distros as well for the same reason.

Lulu, if you're reading this: if you manage to sell any Gnosis boxed
sets, would you mind sending me a little share, in thanks for coming
up with the idea? I need a new canoe myself. ;-)

-- Graham

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