Python / C: small runtime difference?

Martin Schneider martin.schneider at
Tue Sep 9 11:06:01 CEST 2003


I want to extend Python with a C module, so to get the technology clear, I
wrote a Bubblesort over 10.000 elements in Python and in a C extension for
Python and got it running (YES! :-))


The Python Bubblesort runs 103 seconds, the C extension Bubblesort runs 28
seconds, this is about 1:4, which is far worse than I expected (assumed
about 100:1 or alike).

The interface overhead is neglectable (1/10 second).

Is this normal?

I am using Borland's free compiler BCC on Win32 and Python 1.5.2 (because
the customer uses other modules which do not run under newer versions).

Thank you for your ideas!


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