More Comments on Python Redesign

Tim Parkin tim.parkin at
Mon Sep 8 11:25:08 CEST 2003

David said:
>|>I guess you chose not to read the suggestions that I made, or that
>|>other people made.
>|I have made changes, font sizes, contrast, line spacing, etc. So I
>|how you managed to miss this
>Actually, I read them all... well, not in the last couple hours.  But 
>everything up to that on, and even on the pythondotorg-redesign 
>mailing list.
Just in case people didn't realise, there is a py-design-forum at :-
And a python marketing forum at

>|The commercial customer is the company that is choosing to use Python
>|a core project, the company that wasts to bas there product on Python,
>|the company that is evaluating a recommendation to deploy Python.
>Exactly! Whose "customer" is this?! It seems as if working in "the web
>design industry" has diminished your ability to write without
>jargon.  A company that may or may not use Python is not a "customer"
>PythonLabs, or PSF, or whomever.  It is exactly this gross
>misunderstanding, I think, that leads you to create such an
>page (well, I don't like many of those corporate/marketing pages that
>companies that actually have customers create either)... that combined 
>with a disregard for usability.
Although I use the word customer loosely, I would have thought you would
understand my context. Although in your eyes a commercial entity
choosing to use Python against, say, C# is not a customer, in the
companies eyes they certainly are. They are looking to invest, if they
are not actually investing money in Python, they are investing their
reputation and liveliehood and if we expect them to use Python we should
respect that this is their outlook. If we want to reject this sort of
opportunity then fine but the outomce of the marketing python
discussions didn't agree.

If you have usability issues with the site design please provide them.
The issues of font size and contrast have been addressed.

David Mertz said:
>Y'know... I would have thought the prior note would give you a little
>about why it's not such a good idea to write notes that do nothing but
>to antagonize me.  I'm not vindictive, but I -am- influential.
I am certainly not trying to be antagonising, and I didn't think I was,
I was merely reacting to some unfounded criticisms of the design I'd put
forward. If I seem to have been a little over the top then I apologise
profusely but as you can imagine the reaction to 8 weeks of hard work
that had been put in by quite a few people. Comments like the one you
have made just make me realise how much time we've all wasted. If you
are this influential then I shall stop working on the redesign and let
someone you like carry on.


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