Embedded Perl or Python (XPost)

Alex Martelli aleax at aleax.it
Fri Sep 5 11:49:00 CEST 2003

Chris wrote:
> So if I call vfunction(); and an add on has been written that redefines
> this function (and possibly calls the base c++ function) that it is
> called correctly.
> I have chosen perl and python as my preferred languages because of the
> large developer base for add ons
> The interpreter will only have a subset of the standard funtionality, for
> example sockets will be removed.
> Given the above which interpreter is most likely to fit my bill with the
> smallest footprint ?

No idea about "footprint", partly because it so crucially depends on
what you will or won't remove.  But trying it out for benchmark and
measurement is trivially easy for Python -- use Boost Python, which
you get from www.boost.org, and the "subclassing C++ in Python with the
possibility of overriding virtual functions" functionality is there.

Assuming it's just as easy for Perl (sorry, no idea), trying it for both
languages and measuring footprint should fit comfortably within an afternoon
with ample time left over for tea;-).


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